Host: Alma Pöysti


17.00 Thella Johnson – Kjell Westö

A discussion about Finland and Sweden during war and peace, and a little bit about music.

17.40  Johanna Frid – Laura Friman

A discussion about relationships and sexual politics between generations. CANCELLED

17.50 Mariana Enriquez – Marko Hautala

About Argentina, darkness and fear.

18.30 – 19.00

19.00 Andrey Kurkov – Anna-Lena Laurén 

About the war in Ukraine, about Russia and the city of Kiev.

19.40 Nicolas Lunabba – Aleksis Salusjärvi

How do we give hope for a better future for today’s young people?

20.10 – 20.50  Elizabeth Strout – Sirpa Kähkönen

A discussion about women, mothers and writing.


12.30 Kevin Chen – Ville Blåfield

About being queer in Taiwan.

13.00 Maja Lunde – Iida Turpeinen

The authors talk about a dying planet.

13.40 Camila Sosa Villada – Silvia Hosseini

A discussion about lust, sexuality and writing.

14.20 Lunch break

15.20 Jarl Hellemann prize

The prize for best translation 2023 is awarded

15.30 Eleanor Catton – Hanna Nikkanen

Eleanor Catton and Hanna Nikkanen discuss Catton’s new “eco thriller” Birnam Wood.

16.10 Nathan Hill – Juha Itkonen

Two author’s views about families, literary fiction and families in literary fiction.

16.50-17.30 Adania Shibli – Sampsa Peltonen 

A Palestinian voice in discussion with her Finnish interpreter.