Johanna Frid

Johanna Frid wants her writing to be dark enough to make your eyes hurt, and so funny it makes you snort like a pig. She writes about having a family, about not having one, about Scandinavia, jealousy, and the incurable loneliness of the soul.

Frid made her literary debut in 2017 with a collaborative work with Gordana Spasic. Familieepos (Family Epos), a work of poetry, was shortlisted for both the Catapult Award of the Swedish Writers’ Union, and Swedish Radio’s Poetry Prize.

Frid’s first novel, Nora or Burn Oslo Burn was published in late 2018 to great critical acclaim, ranked on the prestigious Dagens Nyheter Critic’s List for 11 consecutive weeks (7 weeks as number one).

Her second novel, Haralds’s Mother was published by Albert Bonnier’s in May 2023.

Johanna Frid holds an MA in Culture and Communication and is deeply interested in the Scandinavian languages and the possibility of a Nordic cultural community.

(English author presentation from Grand Agency)