Laura Lindstedt


Laura Lindstedt, born 1977, is a praised Finnish author known from her unique way of writing in between genres. In her Finlandia Prize winning novel Oneiron (Teos, 2015) Lindstedt plays with genres from essay to poetry, transitioning from humour to rage – while asking her reader to contemplate the question of death’s inevitability and what follows it. As also in Lindstedt’s acclaimed debut novel Scissors (Teos, 2007), Oneiron addresses the challenges of communication on several levels. Lindstedt is interested in the different forms of art and expression, not only in writing and literature but also in performing arts, Oneiron has been made into a contemporary dance performance by Lindstedt and choreographer Valtteri Raekallio in 2018. At the moment Lindstedt is making her thesis on Nathalie Sarraute’s career.

Photo: Heini Lehväslaiho