Aris Fioretos


Aris Fioretos has received numerous grants and awards both in Sweden and abroad. He published his first book in 1991 and since then he has published several works of fiction. Den sista greken (The Last Greek) (2009) was shortlisted for Sweden’s most prestigious literary award, the August Prize. In the winter of 2009 it was awarded the Gleerups Literary Prize and in the spring of 2010 the Novel Prize of Sveriges Radio.

Fioretos has translated books by Paul Auster, Friedrich Hölderlin, Vladimir Nabokov, and Walter Serner, among others, into Swedish. He writes regularly for Sweden’s largest daily, Dagens Nyheter. His fiction has been translated into several languages – including English, French, German, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Romanian, and Serbian.

Photo: David Brandt