We are currently planning, along with the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, a smaller version of Helsinki Lit in the end of August/the beginning of September 2020. Yle will stream the new festival live worldwide and the discussions will all be available later via Yle Areena.

If the situation allows, hopefully we can have a smaller audience at the new event. More information about new developments in the end of May!

Helsinki Lit 2020 was cancelled in its original form. Bought tickets can be returned via


  • Max Porter

    Max Porter’s small but powerful book Lanny will melt even the most sceptic heart.

  • Vigdis Hjorth

    Vigdis Hjorth is the author of over a dozen prize-winning and bestselling novels. Will and Testament sold 150,000 copies in Norway and has received several awards, including the Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature.

  • László Krasznahorkai

    László Krasznahorkai has written five novels and won numerous prizes, including the 2019 National Book Award for Translated Literature, the 2015 Man Booker International Prize, and the 2013 Best Translated Book Award in Fiction for Satantango.

  • Emilie Pine

    Emilie Pine is associate professor of modern drama at University College Dublin, Ireland. Her book Notes to Self is a collection of personal essays.

  • Matilda Gustavsson

    Matilda Gustavsson is the award-winning journalist behind the already historical scoop that has rocked the Swedish Academy.

  • Alex Schulman

    Alex Schulman is a writer and journalist who produces one of Sweden’s most popular weekly podcasts, Alex & Sigge. His latest novel, Burn All My Letters, was lauded unanimously by critics and became a runaway bestseller.

  • Witold Szabłowski

    Witold Szabłowski is an award-winning Polish journalist. The book Dancing Bears was praised in The New York Times.

  • Patrik Svensson

    Patrik Svensson’s The Gospel of Eels (Ålevangeliet) is a rather unusual but imposing book about eel, the world’s most mysterious fish.

  • Juno Dawson

    Juno Dawson is a bestselling YA-novelist, screenwriter, journalist and columnist. She will come to Helsinki to talk about the novel Meat Market.

  • Aase Berg

    Aase Berg’s writing on literature and culture has appeared widely in Sweden. Her most recent book is the wild revenge-themed novel Haggan.

  • Kayo Mpoyi

    Kayo Mpoyi’s Mai Means Water is the debut novel of this Swedish writer. It's inspired by myths told in her own family, whose origins are in Tanzania.

  • Elina Hirvonen

    Helsinki based author Elina Hirvonen will be interviewing Kayo Mpoyi at this year's Helsinki Lit.

  • Juha Itkonen

    Author Juha Itkonen is a regular at Helsinki Lit Festival as a commentator and interviewer. He will be moderating Aase Berg’s and Vigdis Hjorth’s mutual conversation at Helsinki Lit.

  • Malin Kivelä

    Malin Kivelä’s latest novel Hjärtat was awarded with Swedish YLE Literature Prize in 2019. She will be interviewing Emilie Pine at Helsinki Lit.

  • Pietari Kylmälä

    Pietari Kylmälä is a cultural journalist focused on radio, podcasts and writing. Kylmälä is currently on parental leave from the daily current affairs culture program Kulttuuriykkönen at Yle Radio 1, and is hoping to find time to read more books. Photo: Jukka Lintinen

  • Sirpa Kähkönen

    Sirpa Kähkönen is an author and a playwright. She has published ten novels of which three have been nominated for Finlandia Prize, three non-fiction books and three plays.

  • Markus Leikola

    Markus Leikola is a Helsinki based journalist, poet, author, columnist and a consultant. He will meet Witold Szablowski at this year's festival.

  • Riikka Pelo

    Riikka Pelo is one of the masters of modern Finnish prose. She won a Finlandia-Prize in year 2013 with her novel Jokapäiväinen elämämme.

  • Saska Saarikoski

    Alex Schulman’s interviewer, Helsinki based journalist Saska Saarikoski has done a remarkable career as cultural journalist and editorial author.

  • Sisko Savonlahti

    Sisko Savonlahti’s first novel Ehkä tänä kesänä kaikki muuttuu was published in 2018 and was an immediate sales and review success in Finland.

  • Riikka Suominen

    Riikka Suominen is an author and journalist. Her first novel Suhteellisen vapaata has just been published in Finland. The novel is a brave and funny story about sexual desire and love, challenging and questioning traditional monogamy. Photo: Jonne Räsänen/Otava




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